A brief moment of expression from yours truly.

I just thought I’d post a bit of personal, Romantic expression from…for better or for worse.  I’m not good at expressing myself through words, and I tend to shy away from most Romantic feelings I have so this is outside of my zone.  This is directed towards someone who is very important to me and has greatly contributed to my growth, not only as a woman, but as an intellectual adventurer (and boy golly, I do love me some adventure )  So here I place it, for any and all to  read and rend to bits.

Come to me, my sweet…

You know that sensation when  you’re about to fall and you find your self pushing ever slightly in the other direction to contain yourself

              You, you insufferably intoxicating individual, you send me off-balance. Not in body, of course, but in spirit.

               Every time I am around you I am in a continual state of disaster, continually catching and holding myself in, only postponing the inevitable fall.

   I cant help it.  Just as you couldn’t help but catch my eye, I cannot help but get lost in yours.

               Sooner or later I’m going to slip, as surely as the grass grows and the wind blows, I will fall for your wicked

                I won’t fight it. It will take over, send me careening downwards.

               Whether I will be plunged into the cold, unfeeling maw of Poseidon, or sent drifting through the fields of Elysium, is entirely in your power.

                Yet, for all your virtues, you remain ignorant of my distress.

                Chances are, it’s for the better.

Soooo, yeah I’m not much of a romantic, and even less of a poet so take this how you will. I just got kind of, well, overwhelmed with these thoughts and wrote them down in the form of a somewhat disjointed poem.  If I don’t let these convoluted thoughts out at some point, they will build, and then I’ll try to repress them, then I’ll likely have a panic attack or go in search of other unsavory coping mechanisms.


Of course, that’s not good for anyone.

Every time I post some sort of emotional expression or rant or just get personal, I hope to encourage everyone to do the same.  I mean, if I can post my material on the internet, almost anyone should give it a shot.  It doesn’t have to be a story or poem – just writing, getting your thoughts/opinions/feelings out.  It improves your ability to construct sentences, communication, and you can be anonymous or public…whatever you desire. I mean, you won’t gain anything by not trying or not practising.

Please, please, please try to  not tear down anyone else’s personal, honest expressions.  Just be helpful or supportive, otherwise just go about your business and leave them be. Seems like it should be pretty simple, ja?  Go forth!  Create new works of expression from the deepest level of your being!  Encourage artists, writers, …uhh, bakers!  Push for reading every day, and if you have kids read to them every night, take them to bookstores and libraries, and encourage them to enter any writing/book contests.  One of the things that I am most grateful for, is that my parents got me involved in learning, but in a way that let me chose my own interests and pursuits and not for the sole purpose of getting an ‘A’.  At any rate, that’s just me and my opinion.


Critique is more than welcome as are any comments….obviously.


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